To Holiday or Vacation? That is the question.

Do you prefer to go on Vacation or Holiday?  How you answer that question could determine how you spend send that coveted time off.

Vacation as defined is a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel.  While Holiday,  a day on which one is exempt from work, takes a slightly different tone.

To determine if I am taking a Holiday or a Vacation when travelling, I ask myself, do I want to work during my time away or not?  (By work, I really mean flexing my brain power.)

If I answer yes, than more than likely I am going to book, flight, car, hotel, excursions etc all separately and individually of each other (or with the assistance of a travel agent).  The thought power comes into the decision made when selecting the stay aspects along with the daily considerations of where to eat, what to do next and how should we get there.

What I love about planning my own trip is it really makes it about me.  From the location and amenities of the hotel to the places to eat and see.  Putting your own plan together allows you to plan around what is most important to you, like a fishing trip in Ucuelet B.C. or visiting the location of the soup Nazi in NYC.

Planning my own trip is also the way to go if renting a cottage.  Using a site such as VBRO, can help connect you to your desired property.  Though some work, such as cooking and cleaning, may be necessary for this style of vacation it is one of the greatest ways to explore beautiful cottage destinations.

If I answer no to the work question, than more than likely I am going all inclusive.  Air, accommodations, F&B and some activities are packaged together and included for one price.  Many companies such as Air Transat offer these types of holidays in several different destinations.

What I love about all inclusive is it really does mean no work!  Not one finger shall be lifted.  The greatest amount of work exerted comes when determining what destination and offerings are the best fit for your needs.  Once there from morning to night the amenities offered can keep the hours as busy or relaxed as you would like. This is also a great way to travel with a group, whether celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding or a family gathering.  Getting everyone together without one person having to cook, clean and make decisions really lends to spending quality time together.   The closest thing to work may be securing the beach chairs needed for the day!

holding down the chairs



Everyone needs a break from their day jobs, everyone!  So no matter if you plan to take a a vacation or a holiday, enjoy every minute of it.  You deserve it!