Long Weekend Vibes

Victoria Day, known as May 24, has come and gone yet its vibe remains. Being Canadian on May 24 means summer has started!

To date May 24 has always meant a camping trip with friends and family, rain or shine!  Mother Nature isn’t always cooperative, officially speaking, it is still spring after all.

After one time too many packing up our tent and gear in undesirable circumstances, I decided it’s time to something different. How about gardening instead? I love getting my hands dirty and starting our bounty, who doesn’t love fresh veggies? Yet, I still craved a short trip overnight to celebrate the arrival of summer.

I decided to go against the grain (and the traffic) and head west. Not to camp, cottage or even smell the roses but to see a comedian, Jim Jefferies, in London ON. For another shocker, my only travelling companion…my husband!

Now, I am not sure about you, but on travel day my hubby and I usually end up in a nasty row. If you ask him, he calls it divorce. It’s always the same, I am on a schedule and he is on his schedule. To avoid this, I bought us time. I purchased tickets for the late show.

We left Waterloo at 5:15pm and arrived in London by 6:30pm, no traffic! We stayed at the DoubleTree By Hilton only a few blocks away from the venue. Everything we needed was within walking distance. We had plenty of time to explore, eat and have a bevvy or two before the 10 O’clock show.

This was one of my favourite getaways EVER! We had a marvelous time. We ate, drank and laughed until it hurt, and not only from celebrating our cover story to get away from the kids.

The moral?  Try something new, like getting along with your spouse or keeping dry! That May 24 vibe is still there, trust me.

No matter what you did or where you went there is only one thing wrong with May 24. It reminds us that during the summer, the weekends are never long enough!

May 24

Whats in your backyard?

For many the idea of taking a trip means getting on a plane and going somewhere, but what if somewhere was your own backyard?  Planning a trip close to home can be equally as fun, memorable and beautiful as setting off to a distant, unknown land.

Where to begin if seeking adventures close to home?  Since we live here (wherever home may be), we are often unaware or take for granted some of the attractions others journey to us to see.  While there are several ways to find these hidden gems, I have listed my favorites;

  1.  Trip Advisor is an excellent source of information.  To point you in the right direction search top 10 things to do in your city or community.  What I love about Trip Advisor is the story is often told from those that are visitors.  Seeing your world through their eyes can truly bring to light a perspective you may have never considered.
  2. Call the local hotels and ask them.   The teams working at hotels are constantly being asked about things to do, must see’s while in town, places to eat and how to get there and can be a fountain of knowledge.  They may also sell tickets/passes to some of the points of interest helping you save money!
  3. Turn to your local tourism office.  Many may not even realize there is a tourism office for your community.   If uncertain simply search  local tourism office for your city, in my case I have selected Waterloo, which lead me to Explore Waterloo Region  within their site they have everything needed to help plan a trip close to home

Experiences are what make a trip memorable, not the distance to get there.  The next time you have the itch to get out and see something ask yourself this, what’s in your backyard?