Looking For a Place to Happen?

Once in a while we need to look in a new direction to find inspiration.  When it comes to life’s everyday adventures, one of my old stand by’s to try something new, is to follow the music.

There are a few ways to do this.  The first one is to look for a band you like that is playing near you.  Then go to the town, city or venue they are playing at and explore. Taking this path has ed me to some interesting sites that you would not expect for a concert such as  Fort York in Toronto  and Fort George in Niagara on the Lake.   How about summer nights at The Kee to Bala in beautiful Muskoka?  One of my faves was hitting downtown Montreal for the Jazz Festival.


Some concert series include a full weekend of talent.  Many years ago my Husband and I were camping at Mosport In Bowmanville for a weekend seeing over 50 performers on 2 stages over 3 days on a race track, such a good time!

Another way to seek a destination with a musical inspiration is to take the direction from the band.  The Clash tells us London’s Calling, Alicia Keys may put you in an Empire State of Mind and who didn’t want to go to Kokomo thanks to the Beach Boys.

My personal favorite inspiration is the Tragically Hip!  They have touched Canadians on so many levels, and I include them as an influencer on my everyday adventures. From a sundown in the Paris of the Prairies to the Constellations in Bobcaygen their song titles and lyrics paint a beautiful picture of places that we must see, explore and enjoy in our great Country.

The last way I recommend music to inspire your adventure is through nostalgia.  Music has this wonderful way of bringing us back to moments in time.  One note can take me on a stroll through my own memories.  For the days when exploring much beyond your front door is just not in the cards, take a break and throw on some of your favorite jams and let yourself be taken back to wherever it leads you.

So the next time you find yourself looking for a place to happen, follow your ears and enjoy!







2 thoughts on “Looking For a Place to Happen?

  1. This is excellent! I can relate in so many ways! I often think back when hearing old songs of what I was doing when I heard them originally. My daughter’s passion is music, she goes everywhere and as often as she can following her favorite bands. So she is on your bandwagon. The $20 concert series is a great way to get out and hear great music at a reasonable price.

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