Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Whether travelling close to home, or travelling abroad, one of the most important thing to pack is your manners.

In this digital world I feel like some of us have lost touch with  the basics when it comes to simple human interactions.  I was raised in an environment in which we mind the 10 and 5 rule (at 10 feet you make eye contact, at 5 feet you offer a greeting), respect your elders and mind your manners.  I may sound old fashion but I am a firm believer in these basic human exchanges.  And more importantly I believe while travelling we represent not only ourselves but our Nation.


Will I am recommending you  be friendly while travelling I am not advocating that you take this approach when in a foreign land that may have different customs, or if  looking someone in the eye and saying “Hello” is outside of your comfort zone.  What I am saying, is that a little good old fashion please and thank’s can go a long way.

When travelling to a destination that speaks a different language, I encourage you to learn the basics, please, thank you, hello, goodbye etc.  There are several ways you can teach yourself, here are my suggestions;

  1. Ask someone that you know that speaks the language.
  2. Watch TV or moves in the language you are looking to learn.  If they have English subtitles this can be extra helpful
  3. Visit your local library, they have several free resources to help learn languages.
  4. Take a class.  Many colleges, universities and private schools offer language classes.
  5. Download one of the many apps available for language translations.

Further I  recommend that you do a basic search on your destination to get a sense of their culture to avoid any faux pas.  A simple google search of the word etiquette + the destination name will bring you the results you need.

Canadians are known for being polite and friendly.  That is because we are are! So the next time you plan to venture into a foreign land, represent yourself and Canada well and pack your P’s and Q’s!



5 thoughts on “Mind Your P’s and Q’s

  1. A lot of times when people are travelling, the language barrier is not something they think about, let alone proper manners! For example, in some countries, giving a thumbs up is very rude. When I studied abroad last year, the more I heard the language in my every day life, the more I picked it up so I think exposing yourself helps a lot! Thanks for sharing!


    • its so very true. Similarly nodding vs. shaking hands. It works both ways, one so you don’t offend someone else but also so you do feel shunned or hurt if your greeting isn’t reciprocated.


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