Girls Weekend Essentials

One of my absolute favorite weekend get away’s ever is with my girlfriends.   We don’t have to go far, we just have to go where we are free from the responsibilities of our lives at home.

GW 4

We have been taking these reality breaks at least once a year for the past 21 years, and  have been to many destinations across Ontario and the US.  No matter where you go there are some essential best practices to ensure a weekend full of good times.

  • Pick the right squad!  It is very tempting to want to invite everyone you ever met along on your adventure.  However,  to ensure a successful weekend make sure that everyone will get along.  The last thing you ever want is drama.
  • Have a game plan for what you will do while you are there.  You don’t want to get there an then everyone is sitting around wondering whats next.  You also want to avoid putting one of your friends in a situation they are not comfortable with, ensure everyone is on the same page before they commit to the weekend.
  • Don’t have your agenda clocked to the second.  Allow for some flexibility in timing.
  • Pack more than you need.  Since it is only a weekend, over packing in this instance is acceptable, in fact, it’s encouraged.  Unless you are flying, then pack for what is needed.
  • Splurge on yourself.   Go to the spa, the fancy dinner, order the expensive champagne, buy the designer purse.  Pick the one thing that you want the most then go for it!
  • Bring a camera.  Don’t just rely on your phones, make sure there is one camera there for the better quality photo.
  • Get dressed up, do your nails, do you hair and plan for at least one evening out that is not casual.
  • Leave your worries at home. Better yet leave them with your significant other.


When planning a weekend away with your girls, it truly doesn’t matter where you go.  All the really matters is that you go!



6 thoughts on “Girls Weekend Essentials

    • Every chance I get :-). Actually once in the winter and we will try for one time in the summer/fall. It does take planning, we usually throw some dates out there 3 to 4 months in advance and pick the one that is most easy for everyone to attend. Where do you prefer to go when we get the chance to go away with your girlfriends?


      • I have only been away a couple of times recently , we went both times to Collingwood and rented a condo. The first time we just hung out and caught up with each other, the second time we went to the Scandinave Spa. Have you been there?


      • I have not but I have heard great things. We have rented chalets in Collingwood, which is a great way to accommodate a large group. But oddly yo date have not hit the spa. New excuse to head to Collingwood 🙂


  1. These are great tips – especially the part about picking the right squad and not over scheduling your entire weekend. Where are some of the best weekend getaways you’ve been to with your girlfriends in Ontario?


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