There is no place like Grandpa’s

Crystal blue water, white sandy beaches and some of the best sunsets you will ever see anywhere on the planet. That is what you can expect to find along the banks of Lake Huron.

There are many beautiful spots along the shoreline of my favorite Great Lake.  In the spirit of  Fathers Day, I am going to tell you about my favourite place, Kincardine Ontario.

Kincardine, is a quint  town in Grey Bruce. Some may know of it from the Bruce Power Plant, or the Scottish Festival they host each year. For me it was to visit one of the greatest Dads ever… my Grandpa.


Kincardine is my favorite place to dip my toes into Lake Huron. From exploring remains of the Erie Bell at Boiler Beach to Station Beach and everything in between.  Kincardine offers beautiful, welcoming, family (and dog) friendly beach access.


One word of caution as it comes to any spot along Lake Huron, do not underestimate the undertow. The waters are quite shallow along the shoreline but if you find yourself unable to reach the sandy bottom be wary of the waves. Keep close to shore and wear a life jacket if you are young or inexperienced swimmer.

station beach

Kincardine boasts a strong Scottish heritage.  Above the annual Scottish Festival, you can expect to see the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band Parade every Saturday night during the summer through to Labour Day Weekend. Every night (accept for Saturdays), you can hear the Phantom Piper, piping in the sunset in memory of early Kincardine Piper.


My Grandpa lived to be 95! I repeat 95! When he left us, it was a shock. To me that is a true testament to a life well lived. The community, energy and lifestyle afforded him in Kincardine had everything to do with his longevity. And of all the places I have travelled in my lifetime, I am positive I will follow in his footsteps making Kincardine my final nesting place.


4 thoughts on “There is no place like Grandpa’s

    • There are some newer hotels off of Highway 21 as you come into town, a Townplace Suites by Marriott and a Holiday Inn. The distance from the main beaches is not too far but will require a car if you are taking a bunch of items with you. Personally I love to camp, there is a great Camp Ground called Greenacres, walking distance to Boiler Beach. And of course there are a ton of B&B’s. The Kincardine Tourism Office has a ton of info on accommodations and things to do If you go, please let me know your thoughts.


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