Pike Bay

In celebration of Fathers Day, I want to introduce one of my favorite everyday adventurers.  He is a lover of family, all things Scottish, boats, cottaging, hunting and fishing. My super awesome father in law Ernie.


Taking Ernie’s lead and getting out of dodge was always a pleasure. He knew how to have fun and where to do it.  One of his favorite places to enjoy the great outdoors Pike Bay Ontario.  A beautiful spot along the Bruce Peninsula.   Many a summer was spent enjoying the beautiful waters, lovely summer weather, relaxing fires and supreme company.

As an avid fisherman, Pike Bay had just want Ernie needed, the likelihood that you will catch a fish!  From boys weekends to family holidays, the clear, deep blue waters of Lake Huron are definitely a fisherman’s friend.  Fishing off the dock or downrigging in the deep waters you are bound to enjoy a catch.

There is one thing this fisherman did not do… swim!  He loved the water, but preferred to be on it, then in it.  But as you will hear me say over and over, Lake Huron offers some of the best swimming, ever, anywhere!  No Salt, No Sharks, No Problem!

The proximity of Pike Bay to Wiarton, Tobermory, Manitoulin Island affords visitors all the splendors that Mother Nature provides.  From exploring  The Bruce Caves to Flower Pot Island you will run out of time to see it all before you run out of adventures.   Check out the Bruce Grey Simcoe site for a plethora of things to do.

With so much to do, staying one day is hard.  Luckily staying longer is easy.  There are cottage rentals, B&B’s, hotels and camp grounds.  If we were not at the cottage with the Stevenson’s, you would find us camping at Cape Croker, a hidden gem on the Eastern Side of the Peninsula.  I suggest checking out the Discover the Bruce Peninsula website for a list of suggested accommodators.


The next time you are looking at checking out a new spot and a new perspective, ask your favorite Dad where he would go, then pack your bags and go for it!

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