How to win the favorite daughter award

Dads, they really are special people!  In a family of three daughters, showing your Dad how special he is, could get a bit competitive.   Unless you are the oldest, then you have a bit of a naturel edge.  As someone who loves to travel, planning a trip for your Pops with tickets to a Nascar race, wins you the best daughter award, hands down!

me and my pops

As the first born, I was attached to my dad at the hip. As such you could call me the son he never had.  He taught me about cars, power tools and sports.  And like my Dad sports became a life long passion.   Attending sporting events has been the focus of many vacation planning ideas.  Though non have been as special or memorable as my trip to the Pocono Raceway in 2006 with my Papa Bear.


I had travelled across much of Canada with my Dad by plane, train and automobile.  However he had never left Canada.  I really felt honored to give him the gift of seeing his favorite sport in person coupled with a new experience in another Country.

dad at the race.JPG

As virgins to the scene we stayed in a hotel in Mount Olive NJ   a scenic township nestled in the mountains, about an hour from the raceway in Pennsylvania.  When we arrived at the track I was taken aback by how many people camped for the weekend, which is my one regret.  To get the full Nascar experience I would recommend skipping the hotel and staying at the track.

If you have ever seen a race on TV, it does not do justice to the atmosphere, sights and sounds.   The crowds, the strong sense of US Patriotism, the smell of the rubber on the track, the look in the eyes of the concession stand worker when you ask for gravy with your fries.  It was all just so surreal and the experience truly is beyond words having been there with my Dad.

can you hear it

This Fathers Day as I reflect on the impact my father has had on my life, I want to thank him for giving me the gift of life, the appreciation of the power of sport and a sense of adventure.  Thank you Dad, I love you!




9 thoughts on “How to win the favorite daughter award

  1. Most Dad’s love Nascar, that is a great memory for you to have of you and your Dad. My dad wasn’t into Nascar, he was into the Hamilton Ticats. I cherished the times he would take me to a game. My dad is no longer here with us, but I am sure he is still cheering for the Ticats!


    • Sporting events with your Dad, or really anything they are passionate about, is always a blast. Just just have this knack for making everything bigger and better than it already is.


  2. Fiona Wylie says:

    I am glad I shared in that experience with you and your dad. It is one that I will fondly remember, or did I go to that one? 2006 seems so long ago.


    • It was something else wasn’t it? Best part was my dad crossing the boarder with his Credit Valley Hospital employee ID with a picture of him as a teenager. I still cant believer we got into the US. We will have to plan another sport oriented trip. Montreal to see the Leafs play? What do you think?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nadine Thompson says:

    It is so cute that you think you are Dad’s favorite – lol!!!!! I LOVE YOU and THIS ARTICLE, THIS PAGE AND OUR PAPA BEAR xoxoxoxoxo
    You’re an AMAZING author, I will be on this page reading daily, love your perspective, experience and humor. You rock! Way to go big sis, love Dad’s true favorite daughter lol lol ccan’t help myself lol lol


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